Game world based on a chapter of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities:
"No city is more inclined than Eusapia to enjoy life and flee care. And to make the leap from life to death less abrupt, the inhabitants have constructed an identical copy of their city, underground."
This was a school project I was a part of while doing my MA inĀ Visual Game and Media Design at The Royal Danish Academy.
For this project, I took on the role of Art Director, working with a concept artist to visualize the desired style and tone of the project, with theĀ 3D artists to design environment and props, and with a VFX artist to work out the right amount of spooky fog to add, and where to add it.
I also worked on planning out the structure of the game world, making sure to keep the whole team on the same page by drawing up mockups and maps of the level.
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